Hello and welcome! My name is Michael Asis. I’m a Brazilian and American Origami Artist and Scientist. I began folding in Brazil and when I moved to the United States, I got involved in Origami USA, the National Organization. I have since, designed many Origami models. I’ve gone to many International Origami Conventions and I teach, give public lectures on Origami.

So, for today’s course, we’re going to be folding this Origami vase. It is based, as you can see on the Miura Ori pattern, here, in the middle part. The Muira Ori pattern has been quite popular in Science and Engineering recently. And I wanted to design a cylindrical Muira Ori, and once I started playing with it, I realized that it would make a beautiful vase. And that’s what we will fold today.

Alright, so for today’s project, I will be introducing the materials and supplies that you need. The most important part is the paper. I’m using here some handmade, sorry, machine-made paper, and it’s fairly heavy GSM... about 280 GSM. So if you want to use your own paper, I recommend machine-made, that’s fairly strong as well as fairly thick so that it can hold up its weight.

You want to be careful so that it’s not too thick, so as to make it un-foldable. You also want a big flat surface to work on. And if you have a self-healing mat, along with a blade, then I recommend that for cutting the paper. Otherwise, you don’t need the self-healing mat and the blade, you can just use the scissors.

You will also need a very long ruler and a pencil, and we have here a scoring tool. So this is very important for putting in the creases in advance. It makes folding it much much easier. Because we’ll be scoring different creases on different sides of the paper, I recommend using post-it notes in order to mark which side of the paper you’re on, so as not to be confused.

At the end, when it’s time to assemble, having clips around will make your life easier in order to hold the paper in place as you are gluing it and we’ll be using super glue, in order to glue in at the end.